The waste generated by industry and society needs to be classified in order to apply the correct form of management. There are different classifications, depending on their origin, composition, danger, etc. 

Municipal Solid Waste

MSW is a biomass waste type consisting of glass, food wastes, metals, textiles, wood, plastics, and paper, generated from industries, hospitals, schools, and houses.

Industrial waste

Safe & Clean can deliver the most comprehensive and reliable waste management, emergency response, industrial and specialty industrial services—while meeting all required safety thresholds

Medical Waste

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Electronic waste (or e-waste) is the term used to refer to electrical or electronic products that are nearing or have come to the end of their lifecycle such as televisions, office equipment, household appliances, computers, tablets and mobile phones.

Hazardous waste

Chemical disposal and lab Packing,

HAZWOPER certified technicians complimentary compliance set-up

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